The thing with history is, there is so much of it. While one may wish to, and can, become an expert in one area, there are those of us who simply find every new thing we find too compelling to allow for focus. That is the point of this site.

While I can claim no level of expert knowledge in any area about which I write on here, I have a keen interest in all of them and, prior to posting anything, read and think intensely about what is going to be the end product.

The point of this site is not to demonstrate an encyclopedic knowledge of the topics, but to give a – hopefully engaging – point of entry for anybody coming to a new topic and wanting inspiration to go further. And I believe that is fine, because all researchers are students. Should a researcher/historian claim to have nothing more to learn, they could be said to have given up the right to call themselves one.

Steven Port would like to be able to call himself an historian, but feels a little unconfident. He also cannot find a focus for study because the thing about history is that there is a lot of it and it’s pretty much all interesting. He studied at Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Oxford, and is a contributor to Get History.

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